The Elements and The Automotive Lifestyle of the Aspiring One-Percenter


The mere thought of the word embodies impending freedom for the employed masses.  As the clock slowly winds closer to 5:00, the possibilities begin to gnaw at the edge of my consciousness, making it impossible for the mundane, inane nonsense that pays the bills to maintain its hold on my weary mind.

Viewed from a Friday afternoon vantage point, at the leading edge of the weekend, the possibilities seem positively endless. Should I take advantage of the freedom to take a spontaneous road trip? Maybe with the wind in my hair?  Or with the audiophile-quality sound system serenading me with every delicious, complex note of… Or maybe some well-earned peace and quiet? Yes! With the right company, of course! And some great food. DEFINITELY some great food.

Then I remember that Saturdays are for catching up with my passion.  For making connections, meeting like-minded people, and being in public.  I start my weekends when I get home, carefully checking off tasks from my seemingly endless To Do List…and organizing my weekend so that I may be as efficient and effective as possible.  Can I get in touch with vendors over the weekend, or are they out of touch?  Weekends are great for getting in touch with clients as well… I can settle in and have a conversation with them.  The long, involved meeting of the minds that will make them feel like they are my only priority.  The kind of conversations that build lifelong friendships.  The kind of friendships that allow me to build a lifelong referral network.

I am an entrepreneur.  A corporate shill. I am the greedy, faceless, emotionless devil/genius who oppresses and exploits the poor, defenseless, millenial, liberal-arts crowd.  I am the reason that the Coddled Masses can not follow their dreams of working at a co-op, vegan, drought friendly Internet and Yogurt Bar where they hang out all day bathing the refugees and playing angst-ridden tunes on accoustic mandolins made from rainforest-safe woods.  And, of course, I do it because I hate people even more than I love money.  No matter the day or time, I can be found in my lair, high atop a Transylvanian Hillside, plotting the slaughter of puppies while drinking the blood of the working man.  HA!  If they only knew…

This could not all be further from the truth.  I have a family, a passion, and a day job.  In case I’ve been unclear, my day job is not my passion.  It’s good enough, sure.  I appeals to my sense of order, and allows me to associate with an assortment of nice, positive people in the small doses which I prefer.  There is enough atmosphere and eye candy to satisfy me aesthetically.  Almost.

My passion is for purpose-built machines of precision and grace, energy and violence.  Machines that go far beyond the technical and quantifiable.  Machines that have proven for a dozen decades or more that there are literally hundreds of ways to serve the same purpose.  My passion is for motorcars.

Elements of Function are the tiny little pieces that make these glorious beasts tick.  They are the pieces that give them their personalities.  The parts, engineering, and spirit that make an Italian engine produce the sound of ripping raw silk.  The rumble-snarl! of a classic American V8.  The smell of gasoline.  The well-dampened control over a collection of parts that make driving a German sedan feel like taking a ride in a bank vault over a road surface as smooth as a pool table.  These are the elements that bring my passion to life.  For the Abraham Hicks crowd, this is my Vortex.

I am an entrepreneur because I want to be surrounded all day by The Elements.  But money is a tool no husband and father can be without.  My other passion is my family.  My wife is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.  She is fun, sweet, kind, sassy, with a mouth she can not control.  My children are beautiful, handsome, precocious, intelligent, curious creatures. Some more than others, but they all do share one trait…they are always interesting.  Sadly, I have not yet figured out how to make my passion for my family produce the income necessary for all of us to survive.

So, yes, I am an entrepreneur.  I am a business man.  I am a Capitalist.  But I’m not here to exploit the sheeple that this society is producing in record numbers.  I know that it is possible to make a living doing something about which one is not passionate.  I know what it’s like to daydream all Friday afternoon about the weekend and its promise of freedom.  I, too, am an aspiring one-percenter.  I dream of financial freedom and whichever trappings of the jet set lifestyle I may find worthwhile at any given time.  I hope that some of you, who have read this, will follow this blog as I check in from time to time to chronicle my journey to this eventual destination.  And if maybe I can inspire some of you to follow your dreams as your journey unfolds, so much the better…


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