Fun With Air Ride – Part 2

It was a bright beautiful day in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Specifically, it was a Wednesday.  As a parent, being in Las Vegas on a Wednesday, without the kids, feels like the last day of school when you were twelve.  The freedom and possibilities ahead are enough to make you swoon. What will we do?  What... Continue Reading →


Fun With Air Ride, Part 1

"Air is a mixture of gases - 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen - with traces of water vapor, carbon dioxide, argon, and various other components. Air is usually modeled as a uniform (no variation or fluctuation) gas with properties averaged from the individual components." Ok, so this is simple enough, right?  Air simply floats around... Continue Reading →

My First Car – Part 2: Boy Meets Girl

(Excerpt from My First Car – Part 1: The Near Miss – Elements of Function) "...a surprise was just over the horizon for me, as you’ll see in Part 2…" Part 2:  Boy Meets Girl My cousin Andy was "different."  To begin, he wasn't really a cousin.  He wasn't any sort of relative at all.  Andy... Continue Reading →

My First Car – Part 1: The Near Miss

Seven. A whimsical, tender age in the development of a boy.  Too young to drink soda straight from the bottle, too old to drink milk straight out of the carton.  Old enough to make a sandwich from the fresh Italian bread and cold cuts my dad would bring home every Sunday after church, but not... Continue Reading →

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