What Goes on in Vegas…

Family Vacation. A throwback to a simpler time, when traditional families were more common. A time when people were kinder and more gentle to one another. A time when loyalty, respect and love were common, and innocence carried the days, weeks, months and years. Innocence that let us play, meet strangers, experience small wonders and... Continue Reading →

How to Select Tires on a Budget

Speaking as a performance enthusiast and as a person who has gone backwards into a block wall at over 80 miles per hour, tires are arguably the most important part of a vehicle. The performance, handling, feel and safety of the vehicle and its occupants and cargo all depend upon the vehicle's tires supporting the... Continue Reading →

Fun With Air Ride – Part 4

So, where were we?  Ah, yes, the best part - Results Time! Ride Height:  The car rides at nearly any height I want, from too low to ridiculously high.  The lower limit is governed by the bump stops on the shock absorbers.  The upper limit is governed by the maximum extended length of the shock... Continue Reading →

Fun With Air Ride – Part 3

Traction, grip, roll center, instant center, compression and rebound, and damping versus spring rates.  Scrub radius, camber, UTQG?  As one might imagine, this is going to be a little technical.  Please hang in there - I'll make it as easy to understand as possible.  And, if there are any questions, it's easy to get in... Continue Reading →

Fun With Air Ride – Part 2

It was a bright beautiful day in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Specifically, it was a Wednesday.  As a parent, being in Las Vegas on a Wednesday, without the kids, feels like the last day of school when you were twelve.  The freedom and possibilities ahead are enough to make you swoon. What will we do?  What... Continue Reading →

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