From our friends at Road and Track…A Remarkably Thorough Guide On How to Enter a 1950s Sports Car

“…Place foot in car, slightly tucked under the steering wheel. (Many beginners become entangled in the steering wheel, but this is no cause for showing panic. The wheel is readily removable, providing you can get the tool kit from the trunk.) At this time, the knee of the average man is just at the point of protruding through the top. With a half-turn to the outside, stoop to pick up a penny, which you have previously dropped in order to provide covering fire for this maneuver…”

This story originally appeared in the July 1957 issue of Road & Track.

(Editors Note: The French, with a long history of getting in and oat of tight spots, have come up with a highly codified system of getting into and out of sports cars and the ever smaller French and Italian cars. Following are translated excerpts from Maurice D’Aplomb’s thought-provoking article as it appeared in a recent issue of La Revue Mechanique. In true French spirit, separate directions are given for Madame and Monsieur. Reflecting the “feel” of the original, some words seemed to defy translation.)




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